i. Top 3 Favorite Blogs

Favorite Blog & One to Watch: liztening.com 


Starting off my Top 3 list at #1, could be no one other than Liz Breuer of Liztening.  One of my closest friends, and someone who is constantly pushing boundaries, going after her dreams, and putting her all into everything.  Liz started her blog this past summer and has already grown her presence and signature style of posts.  I remember last Spring, Liz and I would take walks all over downtown Manhattan, brainstorming ideas, concepts and names for blogs.  Now looking at Liztening.com, I could not be more excited and happy for Liz, putting all of those long conversations into action!

Instagram: @lizbreuer


Second Place & Industry Leader: theblondesalad.com

Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017cf2p4a2100-copy-1245x830

I have been following TheBlondeSalad and its founder Chiara Ferragni, longer than any other blog.  From the first years of Chiara posting outfits, eagerly purchasing her sneakers done in collaborations with Superga, to today, where TheBlondeSalad  has transformed into an influential fashion and culture website.  Being one of the first fashion bloggers, Chiara and her team (TBS) have made significant impact, transforming the role a blogger can have in the Fashion Industry, as they continue to lead the pack. 

Instagram: @chiaraferragni


Third Place & Life Style Inspiration: fashionsquad.com


Last but not least of my top favorite bloggers, is Creative Consultant Carolina Engman, of FashionSquad.  Carolina’s aesthetic and taste stands out for me against other bloggers, not only in her personal style and outfits, but through lifestyle, art and interior design.  Posts include wish lists, interior design inspiration, and documentation of decorating her own home.  An elegant and slightly modern touch to everything, Carolina’s blog is perfect for not only fashion inspiration, but other areas as well.

Instagram: @carolinaengman


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