XIII. Sunday Inspiration: Roman Apartment

This weeks post features Carla Fendi and husband Candido Speroni’s chic and elegant Roman apartment.  I was immediately intrigued with Carla Fendi’s eccentric eye for design and loved how she incorporated artwork, mainly 20-century European, into her home, after reading this article on Architectural Digest.  I felt the apartment portrayed an intelligent and artistic point of view and… Read More XIII. Sunday Inspiration: Roman Apartment

VIII. Fashion Icons & Inspirations

For this week’s post, I focus on four individuals who exude effortless style and cool elegance, all qualities I believe define them as fashion icons and inspirations.  I chose Linda Rodin, Giuseppe Angiolini, Patricia Manfield, and Marcello Mastroianni, all different styles with different interpretations of beauty and design.  I am drawn to the confidence they exude through fashion, an effortless approach letting them experiment… Read More VIII. Fashion Icons & Inspirations

vii. Fashion Language: Breaking Down an Article

  In an industry like fashion, where visuals are a driving force, it is important for fashion professionals and insiders, to describe these images in an effective, imaginative, and clear manner.  In this week’s post, I break down an article from the New Yorker, defining terms related to the fashion industry and other language, where background information would… Read More vii. Fashion Language: Breaking Down an Article